What's happened:

The "Dreaming Again" CD release party was a smashing success! Thanks to Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse volunteers, sound guys, Tom Prasada Rao, Cary Cooper, and Marc McCullough for all their help... need a CD? I've got plenty of them, drop me a line and we'll talk!
Check out the Uncle Calvin's website at:

Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse

The 2012 Rocky Mountain Song School was one of the best I've ever experienced, so many great memories and friends, new and old! I heartily recommend this song school to any song writers out there, it is LIFE CHANGING!
Check out their website at:

Rocky Mountain Folks Festival and Song School

Kerrville's coming up again soon, come on down to Camp NashBill... see you there!
Check out their website at:

Kerrville Folks Festival

What's coming:

> The new CD "Dreaming Again" is available from me directly, or you can go to CDBaby.com and download...

Check out the CDBaby website at:

CDBaby dot com "Dreaming Again" website

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