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Dreaming Again - Bill Nash - Copyright Putsie Cat Records 2010

Night Ascent (Instrumental) - DADGAE - 5 string capo on 5th fret from high note side, 3 string capo on 7th fret from the low note side

Come Home (Kerrville) - Standard - 6 string capo on 3rd fret, 3 string capo on 7th fret from the low note side

The wind is whispering and the sky is clear, stars are littering the ground
Friends and neighbors are all gathered here, listening closely to the sound
These are times that make our lives worthwhile, spreading love and wishing peace
For hopes and dreams of what our loved one's seek, hoping all their dreams will keep

Come home to a fire that's always warm
Come home to shelter from the storm
Come home to hugs and kisses sweet
Come home to this place of love we meet

Missing friends of ours who are not here, some have passed and some have gone
Wishing one more chance to whisper love, one more chance to sing their song
Memories have a way of circling you, reminding of good times long past
Feeling love and kindness here and now and trying to make these feelings last

Come home to a fire that's always warm
Come home to shelter from the storm
Come home to hugs and kisses sweet
Come home to this place of love we meet

Come home to a love that's all around
Come home to a place of higher ground
Come home to Smiling faces sweet
Come home to this place of love we meet

The wind is whispering and the sky is clear
Stars are littering the ground
Friends and neighbors are all gathered here
Look at all the love we've found
We all know we're homeward bound

When I was in Love - Standard - capo 2 -
Love's a funny thing, sometimes you have it and ignore it
Sometime's it's not around when you need it, but its memory never leaves you

When I was in love the sun was ever brighter
When I was in love the skies were always clear
When I was in love everything seemed better
Now all I think about is when I was in love

When I was in love every night was starry
When I was in love the moon was always full
When I was in love life was just a playground
Now all I think about is when I was in love

Love gets harder as I get older, so easy to be set in my ways
But I've got a heart that's brimming over
Waiting for the one to open the flood gates

I want to be in love not for just a moment
I hope to be in love more than for all time
I long to be in love with someone who will love me
Now all I think about is when will it be love
All I think about is when I was in love

Mirror Deep - Standard

Mirrors mark the passing of time, sometimes quick, sometimes slow
But always passing, another wrinkle, another bulge
Oh what's a poor boy to do to keep myself in shape for you?

I don't like wasting time at the gym, the narcissism flowing, and no double chins
The 6 pack stomachs, well defined pecs, oh everyone looks like they're having sex
Oh when did life get so complex

Mirrors, mirrors everywhere, showing where you've been
Where you're going, no one knows... I think I need an aspirin
Mirror, mirror on the wall won't show the fairest of them all
Wake up from your long, long sleep, beauty is not Mirror Deep

Time is like a humbling best friend, mirrors keep you honest
No matter how you pretend
Together they lead you through your times
Through the wordless days and the pointless rhymes
To fool yourself is such a crime

The parking lot at the club is always full
They're stressing out their body parts just to be beautiful
I guess they just don't get my point
They're going to die some day, they're going to leave this joint
Oh, time and mirrors just disappoint (repeat chorus)

Painted Ponies - 4 capos, DADGAD [ask me!]

I never saw her, she stepped out from behind the semi trailer
The thump and blood, a lifetime wasted
Her defining moment, I never wanted to see
Her open eyes looking back at me

The note tucked in her pocket to let the world know
That I was not the culprit, to take what she let go
She was crazy for release, she left me in this hell
I'll see her face forever in her final yell

Life turns on dimes and carousels, spinning choices and blunt farewells
Around in circles, don't go nowhere, painted ponies they just don't care

I can't stand to live this way, the quality is gone
With no end to my suffering, I cannot go on
The sun it never rises, the flowers never bloom
And there's no doubt in my mind, I'll never leave this room

So I made the call out to doctor K
Could he maybe give him something to relieve this pain
Not for just an hour, but maybe for all time
Could you help me take my life, the choice is mine


Now there've been some times in my time on earth
That I've had to think about it, what is this life worth
And could there come a day I could take no more
Would I reach the same conclusion, close that door

But I wasn't in their skin, I didn't feel their loss
I never bore the weight of their massive cross
But I respect the fact they chose to take
Control of their choice's, anything else is a mistake


What To Do - capo 8

OK, I'll step out of the way, it seems it's time to go
Still I have to say it was a hell of a ride to get a glimpse of that rainbow
You said, "you never know what's ahead..." and every word you said was true
But today I know it's the end of the line and I'm wondering what to do
What to do with this love, it still lives in my heart
What to do with my time, I don't know where to start
What to do to go on and to do what is smart
What to do with this broken heart

I see all the pieces of me crumbled and strewn around
Now I know it's time to figure it out, to see the truth that I have found
You know this road is going to be slow, but I don't want to leave anything out
'Cause anything left behind will come back around, of this truth there is no doubt
What to do with this love, it still lives in my heart
What to do with my time now that we are apart
What to do to go on, wish I knew what was smart
What to do with this broken heart
What do I do with my broken heart

Family Tree - DADGAD - 6 string on 1st fret, 4 string capo on 5th fret from the high note side, 3 string capo on 8 from high note side

Rolling down the road trying to find the way
With blind eyes looking for what to say
I found words that made no sense to me
Words that spoke of eyes I never see

Just when I thought I had no clue
I looked up and my eyes caught you
(They say) every journey starts with just one step
Till I saw you I know I hadn't started yet

Now the road looks good to me, long as you're here with me
It's better than I thought it could be
There's no place I'd rather be, finding you next to me
It's a fact any fool can see
Now you're part of my family tree

You know I will always be true
There's no one on this earth I'd rather be with than you
You excite me all the time, you know
I hate to say it but I told you so

Down the road is where we'll be, living life for all to see
Better than we thought it could be
No place we'd rather be, than in each other's eyes to see
Fine friends we've turned out to be
We are building our family tree

Now this love looks so good to me,
It's everything a love should be
Elusive as the pot of gold at rainbow's end
We're always rich when we have one true friend
And you will always be my bestest friend

Since I Met Maggie - DADEAD - Full capo on 1st fret, 3 string capo on 4th fret from the low note side

I found an old chest behind a door in the ancient ballroom
Inside lay treasures of times long gone and a century past
Papers and letters, and photographs of a young woman in love
Her name was Maggie and this chest contained all her hopes and dreams

The locals told me these old stone buildings are haunted
Uneasy souls live here, wisps of wind in the mortar
Maggie dances through the night, they hear her footsteps on the ceiling
She moves with the grace of flight, dances with a lover she once knew

I heard the rumors of this old building
Harboring spirits not of the living
But I've never seen a ghost and I don't believe
I always felt that way 'til I met Maggie

In my room that night on the second floor of that same building
A book left on the nightstand told of ghosts living in this town
I read more of Maggie and of an incident in the ballroom
A gunman took her husband's life on their wedding night

So she never got a chance to dance with her new husband
Now she lives upstairs, doing pirouettes on the dance floor
No one knows why she stays to twirl and dance all night
Maybe she's just waiting for her husband to return

I read the rumors of this old building
Harboring spirits not of the living
But I've never seen a ghost and I don't believe
I always felt that way 'til I met Maggie

She came to me in a dream that night
A vision of beauty, all dressed in white
She waltzed over so gracefully
Offered her hand, I took it in mine

She said. "I've missed you so much, why did you leave?"
Softly she kissed me, I began to believe
We floated on air, on a cloud of romance
Holding on tightly, we danced

We danced all night, we danced
But as the dream shifted to fog (But as she began to fade)
I swear I heard her cry out
"Now I'm free, I'm free!"

Next morning I awoke and returned to the ballroom
I shivered with the memory of her flowing dress
I rifled through photographs, eager to find something I had missed
Looking for a clue to explain this vivid dream

Then one of those pictures chilled me to the bone
The picture was of the two of them, holding hands together
When I looked at their faces a strange feeling overwhelmed me
I couldn't believe my eyes... his face was mine!

Now I know the fact of this old building
It harbors one spirit and she's still dancing
All around my memory, and I now believe
I deny the truth no more, since I met Maggie

Hubert - capo 4, DADGAD

Hubert shed his outer skin on the road to Waxahachie
Discarded Dockers out the driver's side window
Left for some hobo's use, though the hobo would never know the story
Of the day Hubert chucked it all
Finding a new way through his life, void of many of his eccentricities
He'd carried them for so many years in one small gesture, he bid them all goodbye, goodbye

Another mile down the road found Hubert's button down Wall Street shirt
Made of pinpoint cotton in a nice cut
A few feet further was the solid blue tie he used to wear to work
Selling commodities to the other suits
Walking away from the pressure life made up of money and little else
With substance as his only goal,
He wanted help from no one and he was thinking of nobody else (nobody else)

I imagine him now in dusty boots, torn jeans and a felt hat
Riding the range chasing dogies down
A million miles from the road to nowhere, now in the middle of nowhere
Straight up in the saddle with a big smile
'Cause this was a life Hubert chose himself and not one prescribed by anyone else
There's something to be said for making your mind,
You never know what you might find when you find your peace of mind (go find)

Almost Every Friday - Bill Nash - DADGAD, capos 3, 6

I never met a man could smile so easy,
Or get involved in every worthy cause
I never met a purer heart, a stronger back, it was a work of art
You were my almost every friday counterpart

Never met another man of such conviction
I always knew exactly where you stood, you were
Obviously a military man, a master sargeant, always with a plan
Guitarists, singers only knew you were a music fan

Now there's a hole where you used to sit and I can't find a way to fill it
My heart says never quit feeling you?re still here
But the hole is real, as deep as sin, though I know they let you in
You were my almost every friday best friend

Never met a gentler man, kind to a fault, you'd take us down the road
And help us find what we already know
Wisdom seemed to flow through him, always a bright light, never dim
He was someone to believe in

Almost every friday we'd set this place up
Then he'd sit on my left with his coffee cup
He was ever ready with a warm hug
When you said something stupid, well, he'd just shrug
Even if he didn't agree, you still felt loved (CH)

Sheldon and Shirley - capo 3, standard

Sheldon was a stout box turtle, I bought him at the pet shop
Turtles were a dollar and a quarter, and an extra buck bought him a house
He moved around the bowl so slowly, the sanctuary fit him well
With a little greenery and water, he seemed to like his life

One day I came home from school just like every other day
Mom greeted me at the door, with an ashen look, I heard her say,
"Sheldon died today, it was all such a tragic mistake
Your sister, she was curious, she pushed on his shell,
But don't be mad at her, she's only 4"

Shirley was a delicate box turtle, I got her next week at the store
She kept the turtle sanctuary clean, at least for a turtle
She'd wait each day for me to come by, she loved her lettuce and an occasional fly
She moved around the bowl so slowly, she seemed to like her life

But another day I came home from school, there was mom at the door again
With a strange twisted smile, I knew what she'd say but she still said it,
"Your sister did it again, poor Shirley's dead, we'll bury her in the backyard
But don't be mad at her, she's only 4"

The next week at the per shop I got the surprise of my young life
Turned out some researcher found that turtles transmit diseases and the sale of turtles was discontinued,
But I guess it was all for the better, it kept my sister from becoming a serial turtle murderer

The years went by we all got older, but my sister never did get over the guilt
Though I told her it was alright, I forgave her, still fretting over turtles she'd kilt
And I even forgave my mother for insisting I not be mad at a little girl in a frenzy, killing turtles I had had
Now every other year or so I get a package in the mail from that poor, guilt ridden girl,
Still looking for her peace of mind

Now it's turtles everywhere, the stuffed or ceramic kind,
She's still trying to make it up to me, but I don't need a reason to love that girl
Besides I couldn't be mad at her, she was only 4

Changeling - Capo 6 - DADGAD
Please leave me alone, it's only this way I get to be me, no act, no hype
Just me and my neurosis here to guide me, will I ever see the light
Or is it always destined to elude me at the last second like some predefined thing

Something I cannot effect in any way, I hate to think that's true
But the longer I live, the harder I try and the more true it seems to be
And the more I strive to find what?s missing, the further away it seems to flee
Please leave me alone

You sit here beside me, hold my hand, let me know how you care
And I will always try to give you all the love you can bear
It comes from a core deep inside me, a well too far to see
It's a bottomless place, filled with kindness, no neurosis can reach

And the longer I live, the harder I'll try, and the more true it may be
Don't leave me alone, it's only this way, I can truly be me
Don't leave me alone, don't leave me alone

As I get older, I come to realize how continually important my friends and family are to me, like without you I would be going nowhere faster than fast! I can't even list you all, I know I'd leave out someone very important, so forgive me in advance.

Body parts come and go, abilities mostly fade as age and MS grabs their hold, but I'm always so thankful to still be able to go the last few steps to help a friend up, and vice versa. Please know that if we have spent time together along this road, you have blessed me deeply... the circle grows ever, ever wider!

And please do me a favor... if I don't know you, please come sit and introduce yourself to me at Camp NashBill in the lower meadow at Kerrville and we'll trade songs, laughs and life's finest experiences. If I do know you, come spend some more of your life with me and the Camp NashBill tribe, and continue to be part of this family... may the spirit of Kerrville live forever!!

Thanks: To Tom Prasada Rao for the unending studio hours and all the instruments he added to make this album come to life! - To Jeff Tveraas for a great mixdown. - To side players Pat Wictor, Chris Gage, Jon Vezner for aoo you contributed - To Linda Silas for liner note production and her un-die-ing patience with me (and with her beau)... very admirable. - To Tom Noe for being the most supportive human being I've come across in my travels... may your faculties outlive your need for them! - To Joseph Leavell and all the volunteer gang at Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse, where this journey seemed to begin... thanks for traveling with me! -- And to my dear Putsie Cat for her long journey through 17 and a half years with me... always so missed!!

This album is dedicated to the memory of the wonderful songs and humanity of Dave Carter, and my continual hope for Tracy Grammer to continue to make music in this world... we need your energy! And to my dear friends Jim Ross, Kirk Edens and Bob Oldenburg who passed into the next world all too soon... you are also missed!!!

All songs (C) Copyright Putsie Cat Records

----------------- Mostly True Stories (1996) ------------------

Open Book

I am an open book, just look into my eyes, it's not so hard to see
It's just a short trip down, down into my soul, to get to the heart of me
I am an open book, always was and will be, I've worn my heart on my sleeve
But it got tossed around, till one day I found, that it was gone from me

Chorus 1
Now there's blood on my sleeve where my heart used to be
She came along and she made history, she took from me every dream I ever had
Walked away, left behind this shell of a man, without a heart left to me

So I stumbled 'round in the pouring rain, trying to see what my life means
Picking up the pieces, fallen to the ground, of a broken heart and forsaken dreams
I found that all my dreams were made for loving her, I had not one to claim for me
It's a very dark road to climb out of that hole, when your love sinks deep

Now I begin to try to learn to live again, I ask you to come with me
There's a place I know where we can sit and talk, won't you come and see?
'Cause I am an open book, questions fill your eyes, I know you want to ask me
When will I love again? I tell you when I find, someone I trust will see

Chorus 2
She will love me for me, she'll let me be
She'll take from me only what she needs
She'll hold me for me and then she'll see
How easy it could be, to pin that heart back on my sleeve

Gentle Winds

Walking down this city street, my whole life in front of me from here
Trying to learn from where I've been
Lots of lessons learned traveling down the road away from her

I never thought the day would come, when I'd want to live without her
It took a long time to finally see, lots of time and loneliness
Learning how to be alone, now I live and wait to feel

The gentle winds of love again, floating down from high
From a clear blue sky
The gentle winds of love again, oh when will I see when love will come to me
Through the gentle winds of love

When I see you then I'll know, the soft fragrance through the breeze
That blows your life into mine, until then I'll be working hard
Preparing for another start, the chance to love again
Then never will another day come when I'll want to live without you
It takes a long time to finally see, lots of time and loneliness
I learned how to be alone, now I live and wait to feel

Through the gentle winds of love
Through the gentle winds of love, you'll come to me
Through the gentle winds of love, you'll come to me


When I look into your loving eyes, I can see the reflection
Of a man you think you see in me, there's no doubt of your perception
You're reading so much more in me than I ever have expected
And you know it breaks my heart to see your expectations unrequited

Chorus 1
No one could live up to the image of that shadow
It's like a specter in your dreams
The shining knight riding a horse of white
To sweep you off your feet, it's not me

This comedy of miracles has left you in the dust
When the rains come dust turns to mud and you're mired in it now
Oh I wish that I could make you see how I'd love to be the one
But I only know how to be the me that I am and always was

Chorus 2
How can one hope to meet all the expectations of the lovers we perceive
For the ones that we will want to hold in the twilight of this scene


House of Rhapsody

The people come to hear the music, they come to forget about their failures
And to ease the pain of living in this life
Some are looking for a message to let them know everything's going to be alright

We're all looking for peace of mind, you know it's always so hard to find

The people come to hear of romance, they want to hear of love that's working
And to hear of the times when love just didn't fly
They want to hear a passion story of how love goes and to know the reason why

We're all looking for peace of mind, you know it's ever so hard to find

I have found my heart in this haven, it has come back to me
From the depths of where it was driven, now it strives to be free
I have found it here in this haven, where the love flows free
In the warmth of the stage lights glowing from the heavens down to me
It is warm inside this house of rhapsody

Repeat Verse 1, Bridge, and Chorus

Melissa and Michael

Melissa is my daughter
She's got red hair and a personality to match
Sometimes dark, sometimes fiery, but always she's my love
I love to sit with her at her little table
For a spot of tea and childlike conversation

Melissa's mind is sharp, she knows her dolls
But she's happy playing with matchbox cars
And the train I bought, for her last birthday
Is still the best toy she ever found

She's my daughter, and I love her so
Couldn't live without her, I hate to see her grow

Michael is my son
So much like me it scares me half to death
Same kind of shy, loner kid I was, with a smile that lights the world
He can hit a ball so far, I have to race to catch it
And he runs so fast, I can't keep up with him
Michael rides his bike to the train tracks, and back home several times a day
The engineer waves, and throws him candy while the train goes on it's way

He's my son, and I love him so
Couldn't live without him, I hate to see him grow

Now if you know me well, then you must know I have no kids of my own
They were planned for later, later never came, now they live just in my dreams
They'd be my kids, and I'd love them so, I live without them now, I'll never see them grow
(2 times)

Snow Day

It's late the night before the day I say hello to her
I've watched her image every day in school
She caught me looking at her once, I quickly looked away
Like I had violated some unwritten teenage rule

Her friend Kristie said, "Why don't you go talk to her?
Oh, she likes you, don't you know?"
But trying to get your courage up when you're only 12 years old
Is like trying to stop the winter skies from snow

So I'm looking at the moon tonight out my bedroom window
With hands folded, I kneel down to pray
Oh God, please make it snow tonight, at least 10 or 12 inches
So tomorrow school'd be canceled, saved by a snow day

Now I know that this is all a part of learning and helps me grow up to be strong
But why is it, lessons learned come so slowly and why we so often think that we are wrong?
But I guess tomorrow I'll have to take my chances, that I'll live through this and go on
'Cause there isn't one damn cloud in the sky tonight
It's going to take divine intervention for it to snow

Dear God, I'll do anything you say, just give me this one request
Please make it snow tonight, I'll never ask for anything else ever again
So tomorrow school'd be canceled, saved by a snow day

So long

It was nighttime, I was grounded, had this hollow ache, my heart was pounding
And the rush of the wind through the trees, in the forest was chilling me
I was dreaming, I was flying, then a face appeared, oh what are you doing here?
On the steps, in the hallway, through the room, in the doorway, I'm not ready

I don't want to leave this precious home, to put out on my own
Don't want to lose the love I've known, so long

In the courtroom, with the man there, looking down at me with a cold stare
"Is it true, is she gone, will she never come back?", I said, "No sir"
Then I walked out, with a shadow, it was trailing me like a moonglow
And I looked to the sky and I asked, "Dear Lord, where do I go now?"

So long to the times we've known, and where have the good times gone
Now comes the time to be alone, so long

In the darkness there's a light there, it's a full moon, it's the night air
And the stars falling down give me reason to smile, I'm still breathing
There is time now for reflection, to look at my life with an introspection
But I live for the time when I find my home, it's gonna be so long
It's gonna be so long, so long

James Dean's Genes

I guess I've led a sheltered life, lo all these years
They tried to keep me from feeling strife, trying to stem my tears
Wouldn't let me try out for the team, "You're gonna break your leg"
It didn't matter how much I'd plead, or how much I'd beg

I guess I'll never be much of a wild man, they've got me programmed so well
I never learned how to take my chances, strange way to insure I don't go to hell

I've never driven a motorcycle, I guess it's not my style
Fly down the highway, the wind blowing, easing through the miles
No, I just watch those old movies, of Marilyn and James
And when I see old Marlon Brando, it sets me all aflame

You know it just might be genetic, at least that's how it seems
No matter how hard I try I guess I didn't get any of James Dean's genes

James Dean's genes were too tight for me, his chromosomes just frighten me
Our DNA formed so differently, I guess I blame it all on heredity

So I go on living safely, trying to find my stride
It's kind of boring, never racy, that's my kind of ride
You know I never do miss the spotlight, oh that's not my scene
Yes I live on the conservative side, never in between


Along This Road

I'm lost, got off the trail a little and I can't seem to find my way back
So I'm looking all around me for some familiar sign
I always thought I knew this place like the back of my hand
But now unfamiliar scenery leaves me wondering
Off to the left the cliff reaches high, up ahead the trees are dense
There's a stand of blue spruce and some aspen lining the way
But one of those aspen, it strikes me quite strange
It's miss shapened somehow
Then I see the lightning's handiwork and I know that it's seen brighter days

So I sit down on a boulder to catch my breath and to take a closer look at this tree
When I see a tiny ribbon hanging from a near branch and a heart and arrow carved in deep
With the initials JW and RL, carved with the love only these lovers see
And a feeling overwhelms me, such pure love, but something here still bothers me

The heart was severed perfectly, right down the middle
The lightning bolt had done this deed
And I wondered if I'd ever know just what this means
Like so many other things I can't perceive
Then the boulder I am sitting on seems to rock a bit
So I stand and move it to one side
Underneath I found a rusted locket on a silver chain
And the emotions I cannot hide

When I opened the locket to find what's there I see some words inscripted inside
Inscribed "Love you forever, forever is ours" and my imagination takes me for a ride
I imagine he came back here long after she'd gone and saw the split heart for the first time
Collapsing to the ground, clutching at his heart, just like me he felt it and he cried

I see the both of them when their love was young
With all the hope and promise lying ahead
Planning for a future of unbridled love, leaving nothing left unsaid
But somewhere down the road they walk things just go wrong
No one really knows quite why
Sometimes there's no one to blame for the love that fails, we can only try

So I pick myself up and gather up my stuff and try to figure out which way to go
I put the locket back, I rolled the boulder back in place
To leave this shrine intact and whole
And I wonder why love so often ends up here in an unknown place with nowhere to go
And I touch that little ribbon and resume my search for grace
Along this road I do not know
(3 times)

Carry On

The snow is falling, my love I'm calling, I haven't seen you in a long time
I've missed your smile for quite a while, so hard to live on my own now

Chorus 1
And I wish that I could change things, rearrange things
To let you know the way we might have gone
And I get to wondering sometimes in words that rhyme
How it is I'll come to carry on

I still remember that last December, there wasn't anything we needed
Everyday a lifetime in our joining lifelines, it seemed like nothing's in between us

Chorus 2
But you know if I could change things, the telephone rings
Telling me another lover's gone
And I get to wondering sometimes, in winter sunshine
How it is I'll come to carry on

You didn't give me the chance I needed to show you I'm your man
All the warning signs went unheeded and how you left I still don't understand

The snow's still falling, and I'm still calling, I won't see you for a long time
I'll miss your smile for quite a while, gotta learn to live on my own now

And I get to wondering sometimes in words that rhyme
How it is I'll come to carry on
And I get to wondering sometimes in winter sunshine
How it is I'll come to carry on

The Folly of it All

Everything dies in the winter, everything holy goes to hell
Anything left is a reminder of all we've lost, we can't tell, (can't tell)
And when I look into the future I see the promise of all time
Time that's filled with good intentions, I wish that we were not so blind, (so blind)

Blinded by our arrogance, thinking all we do is permanent
Taking all we need for now, death to all that's heaven sent
A world we call ours, attack it with our armament
Never looking back to see the folly of it all

Earthly waters spring from down below, looks so pretty in the mist
But we dare not dive below, we can only reminisce (in the mist)
And this air we're forced to breathe, it's not like we have a choice
Filled with pollutants we could never clean even if we raised our voice

We voice our arrogance, thinking all we do is permanent
Taking all we need for now, death to all that's heaven sent
Trash this world we call our home, who cares about it's detriment
Never looking back to see the folly of it all

How many forests will we clear before we have enough room to live
And who will be left here to mourn, who will be left to forgive, (forgive)
And the species long since passed away, you know they're never coming back
What is the price our children pay for all we make fade to black

Who'll forgive our arrogance, nothing here is permanent
Giving back's the only way to make this earth what heaven meant
A very wise man once said, "Those who don't learn from the past
Are destined to repeat it", the folly of it all...

The Time is Too Short

Here I am, thinking about the two of us again
Wondering if we'll ever win the game or if we'll even ever feel the same
When I see the beginning of another shiny day
The ending of another night with you, every day the world is looking new

Don't you know the time is too short, let it flow, the love in your heart
It's time to show, so give up all you can, the time is too short, we must make a plan

If I knew all the words there ever were to say
To tell you how I'm feeling here today I know we would surely find a way
When I see the love that you have given to me
To show the way that I can make you mine and the love I know we're bound to find




In response to your question
I say even though the bloom of romance may whither
Real love survives
And though the fire and the passion may fade
This love never dies
You can hold it in your heart, this love, hold it in your dreams, this love
And forever may it keep you in the glow of it's warmth, my love

------------------ Runs With Scissors (1998) ------------------

Runs With Scissors

When I was about three year's old I was trying out my new found wings
Anything mama said not to do, well, I just had to try that thing
The time had come to push my limits and it didn't matter what she'd say
That's when I learned how to run with scissors and made my mama's hair turned gray

"You could put out someone's eye with that, not to mention maybe even your own"
I'd hear her cry and then I'd smile, just to listen to my mama's moan
Life on the edge is in my blood, I've been doing it for oh, so long
Almost never even hurt myself, so how could it be so wrong

Chorus 1
I just had to run with scissors, I still do it every chance I get
It's living life out on the edge and I haven't put my eye out yet
There may be a day when I slow down, but until then you have to agree
Everyone's gonna have to put up with it 'cause I've just got to be me

Like the time I met the plate glass window up close and personal
Pieces flying everywhere, where else was my arm to go
Bright red stains on that white towel and a trip to the emergency room
But I lived to run another day always just avoiding doom

Then the time back in junior high we were learning how to vault that horse
It galloped away at an inopportune time, when I was in the air of course
We made another trip to the cast man, they set this one up to the hip
It slowed me down a little for a time but it could not make me quit

Chorus 2
It's funny but when I think of the times in my life when I've been hurt
Broken bones or bleeding skin, tempting fate with disaster I'd flirt
Never once in all my life did I hurt myself running with blades
Kind of makes you sit back and think how much pain I could have saved

Chorus 1
Everyone's going to have to put up with it 'cause it's not easy being me


Sometimes late at night the wind picks up and takes me
High up where the snow lives on a mountain
A cabin warmed by fire high on a hillside
Is where my heart lives would you like to see it?

It's the finest place I've known, it's my home
My soul's in Colorado, don't you know?

The winter wind blows cold through the mountain passes
Until the Chinooks come with their warm breezes
The winter chill gives way and life begins a blooming
Even on the high tundra columbine blossom

It's the brightest place I've known, just like a home
I bloom in Colorado, why don't you go?

When spring time comes again, as it always does
The riverbeds rise with the snowfall water
The water's icy cold and rolls past old boulders
Placed in this stream here by some ancient glacier

Now that water moves my soul like liquid gold
It's lovely Colorado, riches untold

And when the fall is here, when the season changes
Cold starts its trek down from the great divide
The aspen leaves change hue all with the first freeze
Mountains turned yellow gold in all their splendor

It's a beautiful sight to see, the yellows and green
The color's Colorado, nature in harmony
It's the color in Colorado, its nature's harmony

I'm Not Drinking Today - Steve Fisher

Well it's hot down here in Texas, looks like summer's come to stay
It seems a whole lot longer than a year I've been away
I've been drinking whiskey since some time last fall
And some days go by in numbers where I don't feel anything at all

And it seems a whole lot longer than a year I've been away
I don't miss you when I'm drinking, I'm not drinking today

Yes it's hot down here in Texas, Texas is my home
You still live in Kansas, we both live alone
I've stood upon the bridge we built looking for a sign
It could fall into the waves below, or stand this test of time
And it seems a whole lot longer than a year I've been away
I don't miss you when I'm drinking, I'm not drinking today
I don't miss you when I'm drinking, I'm not drinking today

Now all that I might tell you, it's just this you need to know
The bridge still stands to bring you home, if that's the way you want to go
But the water keeps on coming, the river's running fast
It could beat against this bridge we built until it falls at last

And it seems a lot longer than the year I've been away
I don't miss you when I'm drinking, I'm not drinking today
I don't miss you when I'm drinking, I'm not drinking today

She Rolls

She rolls, she rolls, oh my that girl she can roll
You give her to set of wheels and down the road she rolls
She's sweet, so sweet, her kisses are such a treat
Like chocolate and whipped cream, she leaves my knees weak, she's sweet

Chorus 1
She gets around pretty well, she's independent you can tell
A lady of good taste and a gentle touch
It's plain to see she cares so much

She drives when we go out, that van it gets her about
She gets on the lift and gets her hand on the shift, and she drives
She's kind, so kind, her attitude is well refined
She never honks her horn or shows the drivers her scorn, she's kind

Chorus 1
We made a run to the fair, we met some animal kids there
She petted a tiger kitten with which she was smitten on this run
We had fun, such fun, but then her batteries were done
She needed some assistance so I pushed her the distance, it was fun

Chorus 2
Now don't you get me wrong when I say I pushed her around
When her batteries are strong she's got the fastest wheels in town

She rolls, she rolls, 0h my that girl she can roll
You give her a set of wheels and down the road she rolls
She rolls, she rolls, she rolls...

I Choose

Here I go to again into the fray, when will I ever learn to stay away
We all make our own choices, and we hope we choose right
Listening to all our voices, trying to guide us through this night

Your smile excites me so, just wish it were for me
'Cause there I would quietly go, become part of your mystery
Like a shadow you came here, like a fog on my sea
I'm a sailor left drifting, there's no harbor for me

I need a place to call home, a place of refuge
Cast away on this listless sea with no shoreline in view
We all make our own choices and I choose, I choose
I choose to be in love with you

I've planned many lifetimes with you by my side
Uninhabited shorelines, just you and me and the tide
Yes we make our own choices then we live with what we choose
But if I don't speak of my love now then I surely will lose


I choose to love you

Come Home

The wind is chilling on this Christmas Eve, snow is falling on the ground
Friends and neighbors are all gathered here, Christmas cheer is all around
These are times that make our lives worthwhile, spreading love and wishing peace
For hopes and dreams of what our children seek, hoping all their dreams will keep

Chorus 1
Come home to a fire that's always warm
Come home to shelter from the storm
Come home to hugs and kisses sweet
Come home to this place of love we meet

Missing friends of ours who are not here, some have passed and some have gone
Wishing one more chance to whisper love, one more chance to sing their song
Memories have a way of circling you, reminding of good times long past
Feeling love and kindness here and now and trying to make these feelings last

Chorus 1
Chorus 2
Come home to a love that's all around
Come home to a place of higher ground
Come home to smiling faces sweet
Come home to this place of love we meet

The wind is chilling on this Christmas Eve, snow is falling on the ground
Friends and neighbors are all gathered here, Christmas cheer is all around
Christmas cheer is all around

Perfect Love's All in Your Head

So you fell in love, it seems to fit like a glove and it's gonna last forever
Now the fire's bright, the passion feels so right and you see no unhappy endings
It's a mutual thing, it's like moonlight in spring when too hearts beat as one
There's no discontent, just pure nourishment, it's like soul food for the homeless

But there's a trial ahead, perfect love's all in your head

There will come a time, love can turn on a dime and fills your life with questions
Once it seemed so strong, now something's gone wrong and you can't see your own reflection
Like how did you get here in the course of two years from a fire to a dying ember
Did you forget how to love when push came to shove or did you just forget to remember

That's the trial ahead, perfect love's all in your head

Perfect love can break your dreams, it's never quite what it seems
It can't survive all the hype, too much pressure of that type
Mostly crushed by sheer weight or nasty twists of fate
Still don't stop us in our quest for perfect love

There's nothing perfect in life, it's how you deal with the strife
That's how your love will be measured
Now you get your chance to find a true romance or you get to turn and run away
You know it takes hard work to get through this hurt, common ground is hard to get to
Though perfect love is a myth, without work love can't exist
There's nothing in love you won't fight for

That's the trial ahead, perfect love's all in your head

Runs With Scissors II

I handed Sara the scissors to help cut the yarn on the bootie she was knitting for a little one
The scissors fit her delicate hands like they were meant for her
As she carefully cut the loose pieces away

While I watched, the scissors began to glow with an incandescent gleam of pure joy
Like they were finally doing the work they were meant for
Snipping away at fabric and mocking me...
Telling me what the hell were they doing spending most of their life
Just hanging ornamental around my neck
Knowing they had a higher purpose
And just who did I think I was holding them prisoner
Like I'd captured a fairy princess in my nasty tower of tears
With little hope of rescue from my tyranny

When Sara handed the scissors back to this very shocked individual
I pulled my mouth shut and vowed right then and there
Whenever I needed some cutting done
This pair of scissors would be my weapon of choice

And in my own small way, I could keep their loveliness in my life
And also give them back their purpose

And any time I see someone making beauty with their hands
I'll be sure to offer them for the task
And hopefully give them the fulfillment they deserve

Hoping to the Sky

Hey you, I've been watching how your tides ebb and flow
How your flowers bloom and grow, and I've got a feeling, a feeling about you
Hey you, I've been thinking 'bout the way you're moving through
'Bout the way I feel so near to you, and I want to reach out, reach out and touch you

But I don't feel I have a right to intrude in your live
I guess I'm hoping for a sign
Maybe a small signal fire inviting me inside
Just that hint of what could be, joining you to me
In a circle so warm
Did I see a twinkle in your eye or am I just hoping to the sky

Hey you, I've been dreaming about holding you so close
It was like holding a ghost, you were a misty, shadow in the light
Hey you, I've been wishing to know everything you know
How you let your innocence flow, if I could feel that again I'd truly be fulfilled

Hey you, I've been wondering if I'm wasting my time
Trying to reach you through a rhyme, am I getting through here? Sure would like to know
Hey you, I've been missing a simple closeness in my life
And I was wondering if you might want to join me in my hoping to the sky
Hoping to the sky, hoping to the sky

Another Casualty of War

I went off into the jungle to serve my country well
Southeastern Asia was all jungle and many of my friends fell
Some were prey for sniper bullets 'cause we couldn't see through the green
Then the choppers brought the cloud down, turned it into a deadly scene

The cloud would kill off all the plant life, so the manufacturer said
Saving countless American boys lives, so the killing cloud was spread
They did not try to protect us from a sickness we can't see
We slept and ate there in that fog, dioxin cloud no one could flee

Chorus 1

It's a different kind of Armageddon now, follows us like a plague
From doctor's offices to hospital beds, another losing war we wage
We fight never ending battles, and we never know what for
Just a way to live a life, another way to live your life
Another casualty of war

When I returned from that jungle to my homestead in the plains
They could see that I had changed some, though I tried to hide my pain
I was sick most of the time now from an unknown disease
But the day my first child was born, reminded me of that killing breeze

This little girl was not born perfect like so many babies are
Twisted back, clubbed foot and a wandering eye, no protection from the harm
She did not fight for her country though her country owes her much
She might as well have been in those trenches, feeling that cloud's cruel touch
Chorus 2

It's a different kind of Armageddon now, follows her like a plague
From doctor's offices to hospital beds, another losing war she'd wage
She fights never ending battles, and she'll never know what for
Just a way she lives her life, another way to live your life
Another casualty of war


I Ain't had a good day - George McAlister

My horse throwed a shoe six miles out of Deadwood
And you can't imagine how embarrassed I feel
When a bad gun slinger with the big reputation
Has to walk into town, now that's a hell of a deal

Chorus 1

So you'd better smile when you see me coming
You best tip your hat and get out of my way
Or I might just shoot you and then kick dirt on you
I'm warning you friend, I ain't had a good day

Now it's hard to look mean when you come in a walking
And your black suit's all dusty and your boot shine is gone
And your hair's wet and stringy and you're packing your saddle
And you're hungry and thirsty and tired to the bone

Chorus 2

So pour me a drink and don't ask me no questions
Rent me a room and then show me the way
And if living's to your liking you best not disturb me
I'm warning you friend I ain't had a good day

Chorus 1

I warning you friend, I ain't had a good day

Rain Song

Rain falls on me and it's like we've never met, drops as big as a sea I haven't sailed on yet
Breathing comes so easy when the air is this moist like returning to the fish I might have been
My skin is clammy and dry's a long gone memory, though I'm sure I'll see it again

Rain is so cheap, I've never paid a cent, pure humidity, it's free, there is no rent
I wish that other things in life were as easy to find as the rain that falls on this planet's face
I take work and I work hard in that 9 to 5, I wish I could take a rainfall's pace

Rain cleanses me, it purifys my debt, my joy is plain to see, even though I'm soaking wet
This rain could go on all day, soaking the ground, making all things living turn to green
Life is blooming, life is shouting, trying not to drown, it's the damnedest thing I've ever seen

When will I see the time this rain is spent, Lord hear my plea, I'm so tired of being wet
I know there is a plan to this, the reasons should be clear, though right now it's not so plain to me
I long to see the sun again, or at least a full moon, but in my sight it's clouds and rain I see

Rain falls on me, drops as big as is sea, think I need a rain check on this rain fall
Falls on me, falls on me

I Count You My Friend - Buddy Mondlock


I count you my friend, nothing complicated about it
I count you my friend, will this change, I doubt it

I guess I knew you all along even though it ain't been long since we met
But something tells me I'm not wrong, friends like you I don't forget
Have you noticed how the light has changed, a little brighter every day now it seems
I tell you now that's not so strange, it'll look that way shining in our dreams


When the going gets a little rough and they're lining up to box our ears
We won't even show them our best stuff, we'll send 'em back with cry baby tears
And when the beauty of this world won't sleep and it tries to wake us up and make us cry
We won't be afraid to laugh and weep, we'll be safe in each other's eyes

Chorus - twice and out

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