First draft of my Multiple Capos/Altered Tunings Page!

My first class at Kerrville - Richard Williamson is the videographer

"Painted Ponies" Class - same videographer


A very artistic picture of me playing "Painted Ponies" (one of my 4 capo songs) taken by Diane Lidke

Experimenting With Altered Tunings and Multiple Capos Workshop

This workshop is about expanding musical possibilities on the guitar - have you ever felt limited by having to play in standard tuning all the time (i.e. hard chord fingerings, etc), or confused by other people using altered tunings and multiple capos and making it sound so good. This workshop will introduce you to the magical world of multiple three string capos with altered tunings! The focus of the workshop is to begin to open up your musical thought processes to the experimentation Bill has developed through necessity. He will show you his process for using altered tunings and capo schemes to produce very colorful guitar sounds that used to be only possible with three and four finger chords, but now with just one and two fingers! Many handouts, blank charts will be available.


This is what I do... here is my chart of "Painted Ponies"... the lines denote capos and the dots are fingerings. I hope you notice that every chord in this chart is fingered with one finger!

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